Moss Garden

How I would love a moss garden!

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I was thinking about A post I published the other day. This was whilst my garden lawn was being treatment. The chap assured me that all the moss would soon be gone. Now whilst our traditional English lawns should (arguably) never have any moss I though of the re-blog article – The Garden of Saiho Ji.

I love English Gardens. If I had to list some of my favourite Gardeners it would have to be Capability Brown and Gertrude Jekyll (to pick but two) but Japanese Gardens have always fascinated me. I wondered what the harm would be if I stopped thinking of the mosses in my garden as a weed and tried to emphases them and bring them out as a feature. My garden is wet enough after all and remember half of the South West of England is underwater at the moment. I am lucky enough just…

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I think I may have already crossed this line.

acrazy book lady

I would borrow the heck out of this little library!

acat libray

Image from Little Free Library

Mohawks are the new bun.

Congratulations on a million checkouts!!

Librarians Rock Mohawks After One Million Checkouts | Video | San Diego County News Center.


Hahaha!! Shouldn’t laugh, this is something I would do.


Twinings English Breakfast (milky, no sugar), Ferrero Rochers and a long term, generous funding commitment. Telling me my hair looks pretty wouldn’t go amiss.


From The Sexy Librarian.

Mobile libraries before Work, Health and Safety regulations came in.


Pic from The Sexy Librarian

Just so you know the telltale signs…


From The Narcoleptic Panda

This is a mobile library in rural Italy. So darn cute!


Pic sourced from The Sexy Librarian.

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. Special thoughts to our troops in distant lands – hope you will be home, safe and sound, for next Christmas.


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You know it's been a good day when you didn't have to release the flying monkeys.

You know it's been a good day when you didn't have to release the flying monkeys.

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You know it's been a good day when you didn't have to release the flying monkeys.


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